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22 Aug

Eudaimonia and disability Aristotle and human capacitiesOK it’s not what I expected to be popping up for my first kindle publication but here it is ‘How to Live The Good Life in a Modern World’. I’m not even sure if I can count a non-fiction book as the same sort of thing as what I’ve been talking about so far on this blog. As you may or may not know my background is in Philosophy so I went for the old adage and ‘wrote what I know’. I have to say even though it’s a completely different kind of animal than what I thought of when I started this blog completing it has definitely spurred me on to write more. Last year I completes my MPhil thesis and I thought that my writing habits would instantly translate into time spent writing fiction but I was wrong.

With the deadlines gone and the ‘honest’ reason for time spent away from other things it wasn’t as easy to set aside the needed hours each weak to get my work done. That’s probably the key word that changed things and got my book written: ‘work’. Until I started writing this one I didn’t think of writing as ‘work’, I thought of it as ‘writing’, it currently doesn’t pay and it does feel like a hobby so I kind of treated it like that. Things changed when I decided to write this book up and I started to set time aside for ‘work’. Loads of people do unpaid work every day from volunteers to interns so i decided to class this as a writing ‘internship’ where I’m my own boss and it seems to have worked. Now that this book is done I’ve even started delving back into writing fiction again. (Excerpts from chapters are to follow).

OK so for those of you who might be interested here’s a brief description of what my book is about. First off, it isn’t a mammoth read, I tried to keep things as neat and concise as I could. It would work as either an introduction to philosophy (it looks at both ancient and very modern positions in philosophy, providing people with a breadth of philosophical history) or as a more specific guide to the idea of what counts as a ‘good life’.

It doesn’t address every important philosophical question ever posed, but it does cover one or two of the ‘big questions’ as it takes the reader through it’s main topic. The book is about what it is to have a good life, and what kind of activities we might have to participate in in order to achieve this. When I started writing this book I wanted to make sure that the vast array of human capacities and capabilities are at least acknowledged, if not addressed head on. Because of this topics including the nature of mental disability and how it impacts on notions of merit and blame grew to become a steady thread throughout the book.

I like to think that it addresses these issues in the lightest possible manner whilst taking them seriously but I’ll leave it up to readers to decide. It’s available (in English only) in the UK, the USA, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, India, Canada and Brazil. If you choose to get yourself a copy (or even just read a sample) I hope you enjoy it and I hope you take the time to tell me what you think.

So my final little bit of advice about getting a book written is to stop ‘writing’ and start ‘working’. Hope that helps you, thanks for reading, Cheers, John

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