Getting started

19 Jul

OK this is an entry with a double meaning, of course it’s the start of this new blog I’m writing about my attempts at being an author but also I thought this was a good place to talk about getting started on a novel/book. I write fiction, I say that like I’m already published and in fact I haven’t even finished a book yet.

What made me decide to start writing an extra blog (I write another about toys at was a chat with an old friend who is newly married and who kindly popped by for a visit with his wife the day before they were both heading back to Australia. Turns out his dad is considering getting into kindle publishing for a non-fiction book he’s been working on for a while, when I mentioned to Calum that I had looked into it myself he asked me what kind of thing I intended to publish. It was this that made me think of how many books I have in a working state on my netbook, a few chapters written of each and most of the book plan in place, to be honest given a few completely free weeks one of them could be finished and the other two shouldn’t take too much more effort than that. Though where do you find the time between work and the kids?

I’ve found time (in little drips and drabs through the week), it’s not much but it does the job and if I keep at it I should be able to reel off a chapter or two per week. The main reason for this blog is to kind of force me to get on with it. When I was writing my MPhil thesis I had to contact my supervisor regularly to give him updates on my progress and pass on the work I’d been doing. I think I’m just used to this way of working so I’ll be using this blog to keep myself on my toes and I’m counting on you good people who are reading this to comment when I fail to deliver a status report.

For reasons which should be obvious I probably won’t put too much about my books and their content until they are actually published on kindle (at which point I’ll welcome any feedback you have) what I will do is describe what it’s like to move from step to step and I’ll probably occasionally put in a post with some details on what it’s like trying to format your work for the kindle.

A quick little start to my blogging on the subject of writing should be what is involved in starting to write. If you want to write and, like me, suffer from an imagination which is faster than your typing skills then you need to write two things at once (use word processing programs or old fashioned pen and paper it doesn’t really matter). Sit down and start writing chapter one, get the characters to introduce themselves to you bit by bit and every time a plot element pops into your head (or any other important detail about your characters and their exploits) write it down in your other file/pad and keep this as your book plan. This way you can continue to write the snail paced stuff of the actual book whilst enjoying the progress of the book as a whole. That’s what I’ve done and so far it’s stood me in good stead. Anyone who fancies trying it today (or their next free half hour) please let me know how you get on, we can ‘spot’ each other and make sure we don’t slip into a pile of unfinished novels/short stories/books. I look forward to hearing from readers and please please shout at me if I don’t get on here at least once a week with a chapter done and some comments about how I’m getting on.

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